Boat Trips

Boat Trips at LeoBay

When we moved here to create LeoBay, we already had a Camper and a Motorhome, the problem with owning a Campsite is you never ever get to use your vans…!

Fishing boat trips

Sheila said “I know let’s sell them and try something different, how about a boat” after all we live right next to the sea, let’s make good use of that! So we did, along came Calypso a 17ft clinker just big enough for three, but more comfortable for two. We put it on the water, then spent a year learning all there is about the basics.

All very well, but the aim is a much bigger boat, so we can take people out to enjoy the experience. Now with a reasonable amount of knowledge, all the basic do’s and don’ts, now’s the time to sort a bigger boat, enter Leo Patrick, all 25ft long, Ford Driven & Ford Powered, he is currently undergoing trials, to make sure everything is in order for the new season, just can’t wait to get going with this!

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