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In many ways, Boats and Motorhome’s have so much in common, the only difference is one survives better in water!

They say boater only has two good days, one when they buy it, then the other when they sell it, that’s not true! There is in fact three, the third is when we come and fix it! Lol…

Sorry no nasty intended, but seriously, whatever your Boat Marine Electric problem, we are there to help, we can come to you but, if we send Steve, he will want to stay all weekend. However we situated right next to Queenbrough Harbour on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.

No matter what you need, we have it covered, Starting, Charging, Running Electrics, Leisure Battery System Solar System Etc. We cover all aspects of Boat Marine Electrics. We even do an alarm system that will tell you when someone is aboard, by text message! If its stolen then you can track it on your PC or Smart Phone, there’s technology for you!

As well as Narrow Boats we deal with all kinds of craft large and small, if you’re in trouble with your Boat Marine Electrics give us a call!

For further info why not send us an email just click HERE.

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