The importance of a reliable gas system for your caravan or motorhome cannot be overestimated.

In fact, gas is the primary fuel source for heating and cooking in your caravan or motorhome – gas is a fuss-free and loyal servant in this regard. But you cannot take gas for granted when installing it in your motorhome or caravan. Hence, the safe and efficient working of your gas system should be assessed by an authorised technician when installing it in the vehicle. This article provides information on the importance of a reliable gas system for your caravan or motorhome.

The Importance Of A Gas Service For Your Motorhome Or Caravan


In fact, there is plenty of work to do when installing a gas system in your caravan. The technician should make sure that the system is fitted properly without any leaks. They should ensure that you don’t run out of gas at the wrong moment. That is where a reliable gas service professional comes in handy. A reliable service provider will employ gas-certified technicians to deal with inspections and leak tests in your vehicle. It is important to decide on the right size of tank for your vehicle. A professional gas-certified technician will inspect the caravan and decide on the right size of tank for it. 

The chief difference for safety’s sake in motorhomes are that LPG is heavier than air, unlike natural gas, it also runs at higher pressure. So there are a lot of regulations regarding storage of cylinders and ventilation that need to be considered. Added to this this is the fact that the vast majority of catering trailers, caravans and motorhomes are produced and sold under the factories act regulations, whereas a gas engineer is concerned with the gas installation & use regs 1996, so the first time a gas engineer visits don’t be surprised to be told there are improvements required not associated with the job you called them out for. Please check the qualifications that they are CongLP1LAV – leisure activity vehicles (Tourers, static caravans, horseboxes & motorhomes)

All fixed LPG gas appliances should be regularly serviced and safety checked every year by a suitably qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. You should check your engineer is qualified to work on your property type, as well as qualified to work on the individual appliance.

When buying a new or replacement gas appliance you should check that it is suitable for its intended location (e.g. in a caravan) and the type of gas that will be used (i.e. LPG or natural gas). It must be installed by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer.

We highly recommend you install an audible carbon monoxide alarm. Carbon monoxide (CO) is an extremely poisonous gas, which can kill quickly and with no warning, as you cannot see, smell or taste it.

Permanent gas tanks are becoming quite popular with most motorhomers in this day and age. There are many advantages of this system. In fact, it is much cheaper to fill up your gas requirement than exchanging a cylinder. Also, a permanent gas tank is usually fitted underneath the caravan which helps free a lot of space inside the vehicle. You can have a permanent gas tank fitted to your vehicle if there is a suitable location for it. That is where you need the services of a reliable gas service in the area. Make sure you do the research properly before choosing the best gas-certified technician for this purpose.

In conclusion, the importance of a reliable gas system for your motorhome or caravan cannot be overestimated. There are numerous advantages of a reliable gas system in your vehicle. Gas helps run, heat the vehicle and cook your meals while you are on the go. The above article provides information on the importance of a gas service for your motorhome or caravan.