Battery Drain

A very common problem, leave the vehicle parked up for a few days when you come back to use it, the Battery is Flat! Commonly known as Battery Drain!


With most vehicle’s, there is a shutdown routine, to prevent Battery Drain; this is activated around forty minutes after the ignition has been turned off! Then all the running circuits are switched off, leaving only things like central locking operating, it’s all about stopping Battery Drain. Over the years we have had several cases, where items that should switch off, don’t!

This normally ends up with the electrical system drawing more current than it normally would, so your Vehicle Battery run’s down quicker.


To test for a Battery Drain, we have a proven method of diagnosis, which normally takes a couple of hours, for this, we charge £90. Once we have pinpointed the problem, if it’s simple we will rectify it within the charge, however, should the problem be more extensive we will give you an estimate, so you have an idea of the total cost!

For further information, please contact us and we will do all we can to help!


Cheaper than your Main Dealer

At LeoBay we have to be better prepared than any Main Dealer, they only have to work on the vehicles they sell, we have to know and carry Information from all types and makes of vehicles.

Our current repair labour charge is only £50 per hour, compare that to say BMW or Mercedes, they charge in excess of £100 + Vat per hour!

So the next time you need help, make sure you use the specialist, and come to LeoBay for the best result at the right price!

Call Steve on 07899 927467 or email to book.

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