Leisure Batteries

Do you know the difference between a Leisure Battery and a Car Battery? For those of you using a Standard Car Battery as a Leisure Battery please read why you need to change it!

When we say a Leisure Battery we are referring to a vehicles Second Battery, one that is used to run items such as Interior Lights, Water Pump, Heater, TV’s Etc. In say a Camper or Motorhome. The same also applies to any vehicle, where you are using an Inverter for Charging Power Tools or running a PC.

The reason is simple, a Leisure Battery is designed to give strong steady power from start to finish, often referred to as a Deep Cycle Battery, where the normal car battery is only designed to give bursts of power for starting an engine! Therefore a Car Battery used as a Leisure Battery, will soon fail, needing replacement, so don’t be tempted by the lower price of a Car Battery compared to a Leisure Battery!


Leisure battery supply and fit




Diamond Leisure Battery, Model XL85,

Size 260W x 172H x 208D

Round Post Terminal

Foot Clamp Mounting

Diamond Leisure Battery, Model XL110,

Size 340W x 172H x 223D

Round Post Terminal

Foot Clamp Mounting


Remember keep your Leisure Battery Safe, install it in one of our Battery Boxes, we also do quick release Battery Terminals as well

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