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Wether your looking for a Motorhome or Caravan gas system, simple  or more complex, we are here to help. We also carry out inspections, leak test and additions etc. all  Gas Safe Certified.

Under Floor Gas System £P.O.A.

Under floor Gas Tank available in 50L to 116L size






Once we have decided on the size of tank required, we then need to install the filler neck, under or body mount, there’s a choice,  to make the install as neat as possible, we would always go for the body mount, with a cap in either black or white, if required then we can spray the cap, to match for that extra special touch!

Body Mount LPG Gaslow filler neck

Now we need to control the output of LPG from the tank, with all underbody tanks, we need to make sure the installation is safe, the best way to achive this, is to use a Secumotion regulator from Truma, this is designed to allow the user to run the LPG system, even while driving,!  Large Motorhomes  can be cold driving in the winter,  lets face it the average cab heater, is not sufficiant to keep such a large area nice and warm. LPG on the move was fround on in the past, but with SecuMotion, the inbuilt protection,  switches off the supply in the event of an accident. Should you be a regular Channel Tunnel user , there’s a manual shut off valve, to turn of the LPG off before you go hrough the Tunnel.





So now we have installed the tank, fitted the body filler neck and connected the Secumotion Regulator, where ready to connect the rest of the system, we can plumb straight into you existing pipework at the main manifold, or you might consider adding a larger Manifold to incorperate a BBQ connection, to run the Gas BBQ or an LPG Generator.

Body Mounted BBQ PointLPG Manifold

        Finally to add control, we install a Truma Internal Control System, this switches the LPG on and off from inside your  Motorhome or Caravan. Now with a system like this installed, you can travel a lot further without the worry of low LPG levels! Also bear in mind this conversion, will free up your original Gas Locker, now you have somewhere to store stuff like your Generator, no more petrol smells, so it’s worth considering.

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