Split Charge & Leisure Battery Systems

Do you need extra battery power? Need to charge power tools? Run devices in your Camper? Then consider our Split Charge System!

Split Charge System, is where we use a high powered relay, to take the output power from the Alternator, then split this to charge two or more Batteries.

The picture above shows, a Split Charge System setup in the back of a VWT5, used by a Camera Crew, they needed to charge their equipment, when not in use. We installed the Split Charge System, then made a neat housing to put everything in. As you can see we also added an Inverter, this will use the standard DC Voltage, from the second Battery,in this case 12 Volts, then covert it to 240 Volts at 1000 Watts, enough power to run small mains devices, like TV’s Etc.

The other point to consider, using a Split Charge System, will allow you to use all the power from the Second Battery, without drawing power from the Main Battery, so when its comes to starting the vehicle, you will not have a flat Main Battery, or a non start situation! Hopefully the diagram below will help you understand the Idea. Our Split Charge Systems, start from as little as £150 + VAT

Split Charge & Inverter System


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