Tow Bar Installations

With so many options to choose from, deciding on a Tow Bar is a daunting task, we make it simple, for years we have trusted Witter where possible, ok you may pay a little more, but excellence is worth the extra, now they have launched the removable ball, the back of your vehicle still keeps its looks, as you can remove the ball, when not in use, then tuck the electrical sockets up out of the way!


Removable tow bar


Our last vehicle was the Vauxhall Insignia for this we charged a very competitive price, a lot cheaper than the main dealer that’s for sure! Now be careful when connecting to the running circuits on the vehicle, with today’s cars, there are computers everywhere, you can’t just connect the wire with those horrible Blue Scotch Locks anymore, we insist on soldering every joint, yes you might be getting a cheap deal elsewhere, but will the install last, is everything secured properly and wired right?  We have special interface looms, these tell the cars system a tow bar has been added, this then allows seamless operation of the extra Trailer or Caravan Lights.

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Well at least our tow bar is still ok…!

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