Vehicle Diagnostics

vehicle diagnostics


Gone are the days when you could stand under a bonnet, tinker with an engine and away you go, things are a whole lot more complicated, you need Vehicle Diagnostics now!

This is the reason why we use the latest vehicle Diagnostics to pinpoint the problem, a database full of info about most vehicles on the road, plug in the module fire it up and inspect the Vehicle Diagnostics, its inner heartbeat. Normally it takes about an hour, for this we charge a modest sum of just £50, to carry out a Diagnostic read, take it to a Main Dealer and you can double that, plus a labour charge, so it is a good deal at the end of the day

Once we have found your problem, we will either push a button to fix it, or if it’s more complicated quote you to carry out the work. Every Vehicle Diagnostics test will come with a full print out, so there is no pulling the wool over your eye’s, we like to be straight with all our customers, after all, you have kept us in business for the last 38 years, for that we thank you!

For further info, please give us a call or click HERE to send us an email.

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