VW Camper Van

VW Camper Van is a specialist subject of ours, not only do we work on them, sorting all the electrics, interior, audio, Lighting, split charge and entertainment stuff, we also own a wonderfull T25 High Top too. As an example of what we are able to do, our T25, nicknamed (Churchie) on the account, of the Dog on the dash, is a perfect demo, to show the sort of things we get upto on a VW Camper Van at LeoBay.
We rescued this van from the bottom of a Garden, where it was slowly blending into the background, under a row of Conifer tree’s. It had been there for over five years! We fitted a New Battery, added some fuel, sorted the damaged wiring, after someone had tried to steal it, inserted the key, turned it over, Bingo she started, lucky or what!

Leobay T25 as we found her tucked away at the bottom of a Garden

Our T25 in the begining

After the treatment of LeoBay

All the wall carpeting in the VW Camper Van, had fallen away, none of the interior items worked, the Gas system needed a good service, while all the cuboards etc, needed some attention.
The Leisure Battery was incorrectly installed, as it was linked to the main battery, with no control relay! Using the Leisure power would also drain the Main Battery, so when it’s time to go home, the engine will not start! We needed to sort the Camper Van Electrics
Once we had gone over the vehicle, pulling it into shape, we booked her into our local MOT Station just up the road, yet another surprise, the only thing wrong was the rear springs, there where still the original van springs, too lite for a camper van, the top part of the coils had sheared off, they were replaced with heavey duty ones, to allow for the extra weight of a camper, then it was back to get our pass certificate.
Now its all down to sorting the living space, the wall carpeting had all fallen down, along with the ply pannels in the roof, that held the flourecent interior lights, all the blinds and curtians were rotting, everything else need a good clean and tighten up, while the Gas system needed to be tested, for saftey adding a new bottle.
With no 240Volt sockets fitted or a main charger, it makes sense to add them at this stage, we cut into the side of the van, a mains input socket, to attach the mains lead into, when on a Hookup at the Campsite. This feeds an RCD protection unit, complete with a 15Amp Circuit Breaker, basically a mini mains fuse box, there to protect the two double sockets, and main charging Zig CF8 split charge unit. Now we can run all the main devices we want, kettel, TV, Ipad, Phone charger etc. The mains electric install, took around 6 hours to do properly, always be carefull with this, modification, if you don’t know what your doing, best come to us as VW Camper Van experts.

This is just a small sample of some of the VW Camper Vans we have worked on recently, Don’t forget we can also help with your Insurance Renewal, click on Our Services, Insurance Renewal for more Info.

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