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For those in the know, the Isle of Sheppey, always conjured up thoughts of Kiss me quick Hats, Candy Floss and Fish and Chips!

Well, the Island is changing, ever since the New Flyover Bridge opened, Sheppey has been going through metamorphism, gradually turning from plain to the perfect, just 40 minutes from London. Positively bathing in History, once invaded by the Dutch, it was the UK’s largest Woollen Port, Henry the eighth was engaged there, at his summer residence, even Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton had a thing in Queenborough. In more recent years it became the birthplace of Aviation, and a bird watchers paradise.


Queenborough is undergoing major changes, a New Marina,185 berths, shops restaurants’ a sort of Bluewater by the sea. For a dip, cool off at Minster Beach it’s perfect, with easy parking right next to the beach. Take a stroll along Sheerness High Street, old fashioned, narrow, with many well-known stores, parking is easy, no height barriers here, there’s even a butcher, now that’s a rarity these days, great for the BBQ. If you like supermarkets, then Morrissons and there are deals on the fuel too!

For those of you who like their food straight from the sea, Don’t forget to visit Queenborough Harbour, there you’ll find fresh fish shops, you won’t taste better! While the little Harbour is wonderful to stroll around, or pop into one of the six pubs all with great food too!

When you visit this little island, take a trip to Harty, there you will find one of the oldest churches, dating back to 660, its an amazing place, step inside, take a look at the Stain Glass Windows they are beautiful, spend an hour or so wandering around, this place draws you back in time it’s amazing… All this site seeing will make you hungry, so stop over at the Harty Ferry Inn, there you will find a 20ozs T-Bone hanging off the plate, while the rest of the menu, is equally brilliant, not to mention the beers too!

Sheppey has, at last, realised its potential, with the rise in fuel costs and only 40 minutes from London, it makes a great venue, without all the hassle of traffic too!