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Now let’s turn your attention to the twist on our site, a 30 x 30 workshop, tucked away in the corner of the field, out of sight from the campers, where we are setting up our Installation Centre, backed by 30 years of experience in Motorhomes, Campers & Caravans, we can rectify all your problems with ease, with the added bonus of a while you stay service!

Camper Van Conversions

The LeoBay workshop is able to carry out high-quality camper van conversions to suit most budgets. Phone Steve on 07899 927467 to discuss your requirements. The Mercedes Sprinter is our latest conversion, LWB 2 berth. If your interested in a van conversion, come and speak to us, we have some great ideas…

Camper Motorhome Electrics

Whatever you drive, a Luxury Motorhome, Camper or a Self Build, we specialise in Camper Motorhome Electrics.

As Motorhomers ourselves we are passionate about them, we don’t see why customers should pay over the odds to sort their Camper Motorhome Electrics or have extra’s fitted.

Certainly in London, there has been a Big Decline in Motorhome Centre’s, so we are offering you an alternative, at a price you can afford! When it comes to Camper Motorhome Electrics.

Over the years we have built many Campers, Great Fun, our first a Transit SWB, completed 10,000 miles, parked it everywhere, and had bags of fun. When we first built it, we installed everything, Electric Windows, Alarm, Tracker, Sat Nav, Central Locking, Water System, Carver Heater, Cooker, the works! Even more, of a reason why we know your problem or requirement we have seen it before, what’s better than someone who fully understands your needs! Trust the experts when it comes to Camper Motorhome Electrics.

End to end refitting and repair

Everything from a full valet, to a complete refit, Gas, Water and Mains Installations, we do it all, building and modifying vans is everyday stuff.

Call Steve today to find out more 07899 927467

More Services

Do you need extra battery power? Need to charge power tools? Run devices in your Camper? Then consider our Split Charge System!

Split Charge System, is where we use a high powered relay, to take the output power from the Alternator, then split this to charge two or more Batteries.

The picture above shows, a Split Charge System setup in the back of a VWT5, used by a Camera Crew, they needed to charge their equipment, when not in use. We installed the Split Charge System, then made a neat housing to put everything in. As you can see we also added an Inverter, this will use the standard DC Voltage, from the second Battery,in this case 12 Volts, then covert it to 240 Volts at 1000 Watts, enough power to run small mains devices, like TV’s Etc.

The other point to consider, using a Split Charge System, will allow you to use all the power from the Second Battery, without drawing power from the Main Battery, so when its comes to starting the vehicle, you will not have a flat Main Battery, or a non start situation! Hopefully the diagram below will help you understand the Idea. Our Split Charge Systems, start from as little as £150 + VAT

Split Charge & Inverter System

Do you know the difference between a Leisure Battery and a Car Battery? For those of you using a Standard Car Battery as a Leisure Battery please read why you need to change it!

When we say a Leisure Battery we are referring to a vehicles Second Battery, one that is used to run items such as Interior Lights, Water Pump, Heater, TV’s Etc. In say a Camper or Motorhome. The same also applies to any vehicle, where you are using an Inverter for Charging Power Tools or running a PC.

The reason is simple, a Leisure Battery is designed to give strong steady power from start to finish, often referred to as a Deep Cycle Battery, where the normal car battery is only designed to give bursts of power for starting an engine! Therefore a Car Battery used as a Leisure Battery, will soon fail, needing replacement, so don’t be tempted by the lower price of a Car Battery compared to a Leisure Battery!

Latest Innovation, Lipo4 Lithium Batteries, although more expensive than a normal Lead Acid, AGM or Gel Battery the advantages are enormous, they operate for longer periods, pack more power and weigh far less. Please note: you may need a different charger to cope with Lipo4 and in some cases a DC to DC controller to charge the battery while on the move, speak to us were here to help.

EcoTree Lipo4 110amp Lithium Battery are around £700 with a 10 year warranty.

Built in BMS ( Battery Monitoring System)

Round Post Terminal

Foot Clamp Mounting

EcoTree Lipo4 320amp unit Lithium Battery are around £1800 again with a 10 year Warranty

Built in BMS (Battery Monitoring System)

Round Post Terminal

Foot Clamp Mounting

Remember keep your Leisure Battery Safe, install it in one of our Battery Boxes.

We also do a range of Circuit Breakers and cut off devices.

Gone are the days when you could stand under a bonnet, tinker with an engine and away you go, things are a whole lot more complicated, you need Vehicle Diagnostics now!

This is the reason why we use the latest vehicle Diagnostics to pinpoint the problem, a database full of info about most vehicles on the road, plug in the module fire it up and inspect the Vehicle Diagnostics, its inner heartbeat. Normally it takes about an hour, for this we charge a modest sum of just £50, to carry out a Diagnostic read, take it to a Main Dealer and you can double that, plus a labour charge, so it is a good deal at the end of the day

Once we have found your problem, we will either push a button to fix it, or if it’s more complicated quote you to carry out the work. Every Vehicle Diagnostics test will come with a full print out, so there is no pulling the wool over your eye’s, we like to be straight with all our customers, after all, you have kept us in business for the last 38 years, for that we thank you!

For further info, please give us a call or click HERE to send us an email.

We love working on the old school campers, When you have been in the trade as long as we have, Classic Veteran Vintage Electrics flow through our blood! It pays to use a Classic Veteran Vintage Electrics specialist.

Classic Car Radio’s

As we have been in the industry for years, we understand how owners want original equipment to match the age of the camper, we specialise in old units. Whatever the make or model, we can sort them all, this superb Italian Classic Alfa is undergoing a full rewire, using an original loom, we can supply all sorts of parts, so whatever your needs, come talk to us for that professional finish. The oldest vehicle we have worked on is a 1937 Austin 7, recently we have rewired 1954 Morris J4, 1953 Talbot Sunbeam.

We can obtain new wiring looms for most vehicles, however, we need a lead time of 8 weeks, we always recommend an inspection, just in case we can salvage the existing loom and overhaul it back to a fully working system, please come and talk to us form more info…!

A very common problem, leave the vehicle parked up for a few days when you come back to use it, the Battery is Flat! Commonly known as Battery Drain!

With most vehicle’s, there is a shutdown routine, to prevent Battery Drain; this is activated around forty minutes after the ignition has been turned off! Then all the running circuits are switched off, leaving only things like central locking operating, it’s all about stopping Battery Drain. Over the years we have had several cases, where items that should switch off, don’t!

This normally ends up with the electrical system drawing more current than it normally would, so your Vehicle Battery run’s down quicker.

To test for a Battery Drain, we have a proven method of diagnosis, which normally takes a couple of hours, for this, we charge £90. Once we have pinpointed the problem, if it’s simple we will rectify it within the charge, however, should the problem be more extensive we will give you an estimate, so you have an idea of the total cost!

For further information, please contact us and we will do all we can to help!

Cheaper than your Main Dealer

At LeoBay we have to be better prepared than any Main Dealer, they only have to work on the vehicles they sell, we have to know and carry Information from all types and makes of vehicles.

Our current repair labour charge is only £60 per hour, compare that to say BMW or Mercedes, they charge in excess of £100 + Vat per hour!

So the next time you need help, make sure you use the specialist, and come to LeoBay for the best result at the right price!

With so many options to choose from, deciding on a Tow Bar is a daunting task, we make it simple, for years we have trusted Witter where possible, ok you may pay a little more, but excellence is worth the extra, now they have launched the removable ball, the back of your vehicle still keeps its looks, as you can remove the ball, when not in use, then tuck the electrical sockets up out of the way!

Removable tow bar

Our last vehicle was the Vauxhall Insignia for this we charged a very competitive price, a lot cheaper than the main dealer that’s for sure! Now be careful when connecting to the running circuits on the vehicle, with today’s cars, there are computers everywhere, you can’t just connect the wire with those horrible Blue Scotch Locks anymore, we insist on soldering every joint, yes you might be getting a cheap deal elsewhere, but will the install last, is everything secured properly and wired right? We have special interface looms, these tell the cars system a tow bar has been added, this then allows seamless operation of the extra Trailer or Caravan Lights.

For a quote please give us a call on 07899 927467 or send us an email, click HERE

Well at least our tow bar is still ok…!

VW Camper Van

VW Camper Van is a specialist subject of ours, not only do we work on them, sorting all the electrics, interior, audio, Lighting, split charge and entertainment stuff, we have owned a few of these over the years. Back in the day I used to work for VW as their Auto Electrician, I worked on the Bays and T25 when they were new, so there’s a lot of experience when it comes to sorting your Bus.

Happy Visitors

At Leobay we value you comments, we work very hard to make your stay with us as nice as possible.
Ken & Marion Young
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Was made so welcome by Steve and Sheila and super pots of tea and coffee and muffins from Charlie .Will definitely be back . Gardens and scenery were panoramic . Thank you to you all.
Dave And Jan
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Such a great week at Leobay that we will be back asap. Steve and Sheila make it a special place to stay and there is so much to do in the area. We have found a true gem.
Alison Putman
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Just a couple of nights' stay but even though I arrived late there was a warm welcome from Steve. Well laid out little site, very nice hot showers and facilities. Will definitely return if my travels take me that way again.
Val & Alan Wellsman
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We have just had our first visit to Leo bay ,it will not be our last. A wonderful welcome, tea and cakes as well ! A calm relaxing site with superb views of the estuary beautiful garden and a great family feal. Many Thanks to you all Val & Alan

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