Keeping in mind that a motorhome, caravan, or camper is a huge investment, you should strive to negate the effects of wear and tear that it goes through by performing proper servicing and maintenance on it. The variety of services we offer here work great to keep your asset in good, working condition.

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High-Quality Valeting Services

After a memorable season of using your motorhome, caravan, or camper, it is only right to have your home-on-wheel properly cleaned and looking stunning. Performing an extensive clean, however, will take you well over two or even three days. There are a lot of items, surfaces, and places to clean, which makes the entire process quite daunting. It, thus, makes sense to opt for professional valeting services, which will save you time, and more importantly, give your baby a professional wash and clean with lasting effect.

We offer interior and exterior valeting service, with a professional touch. For the exterior surface wash, our experienced personnel will give your caravan or motorhome, a hand soap wash, followed by a jetwash rinse. Importantly, we make concerted efforts to take care of your any seals, vents, badges and other sensitive items. You may also opt for the TCut and polish services, where we apply TCut paste (to get rid of any grime) and apply Turtle wax polish for a long-lasting shine.

Moving to the interior of your home on wheels, we offer conduct extensive dusting and vacuuming. This is followed by steam cleaning every surface in the vehicle, to ensure everything is pristinely clean.

Battery Services

We offer a wide-ranging battery services to caravan, camper, and motorhome owners, thus ensuring that their home on wheels will always have ample supply of electricity to perform the various requisite functions. One of such services is the installation of Leisure Batteries.

Leisure batteries also known as Deep Cycle Batteries are designed to provide a steady supply of power, which is the right kind of power supply that your appliances need. However, car batteries usually provide highly powerful bursts of power, as required to start the engine. This means that using your regular car battery to power your appliances puts them at risk of electric malfunction.

Equally important, while providing Leisure battery installation services, we can also install a split charge system for you in a neat and practical design. This system makes use of a high-powered relay, which split the alternator’s output to charge the car battery and the leisure battery. Such a system effectively takes the strain of powering appliances form your car battery.

We also offer Battery Drain services, where we conduct extensive diagnosis to determine parts of the electrical system that draws more current than it should while being shut down. This reduces the chances of experiencing a flat battery when you want to start your camper, caravan, or motorhome.

Underfloor Gas System Installation

For campers, caravan, and motorhome owner looking to have a gas system installed or improved in terms of tank size and safety, we also offer gas system services. Our services range from installing an LPG tank of the size of your choice, installation of the filler neck, regulator installation (we use the ultra-safe Secumotion regulator), gas plumbing.